Other Service and Solutions

Based on direct B to B marketing, referrals received, strong trade show presence and a comprehensive local network; potential clients in need of water or wastewater solutions are identified and later provided with business development insights, engineering designs as well as procurement and installation procedures.

Other Service and Solutions

1. Sludge Management system and solutions: Efficient waste water treatment plant (ETP and STP) produces vast amounts of sludge. This is inherently so because a primary aim of wastewater treatment is removing solids from the wastewater. However, sludge is a hazardous material that harms human health and the environment including soil, air and aquatic systems. Standards and Guidelines for Sludge Management is a way forward for managing sludge that poses serious threat to the environment. We design and provide different sludge management and treatment schemes such as sludge thickening, digestion, dewatering and disposal.

  1. Central ETP (CETP) for large industrial zone: The concept of common effluent treatment plant has been accepted as a solution for collecting, conveying, treating, and disposing of the effluents from the industrial estates. In cooperation with our different European technology partners as well as financial partners, we provide common or central effluent treatment plants (CETPs) in industrial estates or in a cluster of Small Scale Industrial units.

3.Package Treatment Plants (WTP, ETP and STP): Based on clients’ requirement we offer package type WTP, ETP and STP. Those are prefabricated and plug-and-play basis. The treatment schemes are designed based on the raw effluent characteristics and the purpose of treated effluent. These systems are skid based or containerized based along with prefabricated chambers and pre-installed equipment. Package plants are flexible system designed for replacing existing old plants or new on-site systems in municipal, private development and industrial process wastewater applications for superior BOD/TSS removal and nitrification / denitrification.

4.Commercial water treatment plants: WTP along with bottling, capping with 100% automation.


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