“Realize that everything connects to everything else” – Leonardo da Vinci
The 21st century – the world grows faster than ever before, surpassing itself with each passing moment, every minute. In doing so, in meeting our ‘needs’, we consume resources at an alarming rate. Today, we build our wonders; we plant the flags of our legacies disregarding the consequences, only to put the world that shelters us, at stake. However, to nurture the world we plunder – the source of all life as we know it – we know something must be done; we know we must band together and realize that this will not be the world we leave our children behind. That this world will live forever and that we will help in every which way we can.

Who We Are

FloWater Solutions Ltd., an environment company, and a for-profit corporate entity started its operations on 1st June, 2017. FloWater is based in Dhaka and Chittagong – two of Bangladesh’s largest metropolitan areas.

FloWater was primarily formed to provide complete water and wastewater solutions to serve the needs of businesses and organizations in Bangladesh. These solutions prevent water borne diseases such as Typhoid, Dysentery, Guinea worm disease and Cholera. Effluent and Sewage treatment plants prevent environmental pollution by industries making the recycling and reuse of wastewater possible through our technologies.

So far, FloWater has successfully executed over 100 projects across Bangladesh, such as drinking water plants, efficient wastewater management systems and sewage treatment plants.

Furthermore, FloWater has adopted a policy of vertical growth by shifting its focus towards industrial effluent treatment plants for the nation’s ever-booming RMG and textile industries. With this in mind, FloWater offers solutions for pharmaceutical, leather, paper and pulp, power and steel industries.

Board of Directors

Anna Maria Ladosz

Co-founder & Chairman

Mustafa A. K. Khan

Managing Director

Ahamed Imtiaz


What We Do


FloWater’s diverse range of solutions

Water & Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Environmental Consultancy & Designing

Engg., Procurement & Construction (EPC)

Turnkey & Build Own Operate (Boo) Projects

Erection, Installation & Commissioning

Water & Wastewater Analysis In Our Lab

Pump & Equipment Supply & Installation

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

After Sales Service

Water & Wastewater Chemicals


Based on direct B to B marketing, referrals received, strong trade show presence and a comprehensive local network; potential clients in need of water or wastewater solutions are identified and later provided with business development insights, engineering designs as well as procurement and installation procedures.

We provide 360-degree environment solutions to

Why Choose FloWater

Being an engineering procurement and construction company that provides turnkey solutions to industrial clients, FloWater has made a stand to encourage the recycling and reuse of wastewater by the ever-thriving readymade garments industry of Bangladesh, which is achieved through the cutting-edge, state-of-the-art design, and technological solutions of our partners.

Some of our completed projects

Our Clients


If you would like more information about FloWater, please contact one of our offices or use the form below to contact your area of interest.

Corporate Office

Plot 19, Road 68/A
Unit A1, Gulshan 2
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.

Phone: +880 18 33320353

Fax: +14169072690

E-mail: info@flowaterbd.com

Branch Office

House 570/B, 1st Floor

Road 04, Zakir Hossain Society

South Khulshi, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Phone: +880 18 33320355

Email: info@flowaterbd.com

Anna Maria Ladosz

Co-founder & Chairman

Anna is leading the Rainwater Harvesting, NGO Sales and HR Teams at the FloWater office based in Dhaka. She is also a strategic investor in the water and wastewater management sector of Bangladesh. Anna is a seasoned business profession with over 15 years of work experience with successful entrepreneurs in various sectors in Canada. Born in Poland, she holds a dual citizenship of Canada. Anna completed her education from Douglas College, in Vancouver, Canada.

Mustafa A. K. Khan

Managing Director

Mustafa A. K. Khan started his journey with a goal to ensure the lifeblood of our planet - water - stays pure. He started his academic career at Cheltenham College in the United Kingdom then attended the University of Toronto in Canada. Since then, he has provided solutions in the field of insurance. He then worked as the CEO and Managing Director of S. K. Khan Consulting limited in Bangladesh and today stands as one of the leading figures in water solutions in Bangladesh. With over a decade of expertise in dealing with water, Mustafa established FloWater Ltd. to do his part for the world.

Ahamed Imtiaz


Ahamed Imtiaz started his journey at BRAC University specializing in electronics and communications engineering in 2003, since then he has never looked back. He obtained his Masters at Independent University Bangladesh along with a prominent certification from the esteemed Institute of Business ADMINISTRATION (IBA) under Dhaka University. Since then, he has held numerous positions at various eminent organizations for over a decade. Today, Imtiaz spends his time trying to make the world we live in a better place as the Director of Business Development at FloWater Solutions Ltd.

Rangs FC Saranade
Kulshi, Chittagong.


Port link Logistics Ltd.
Tobacco, Chittagong.


K Water
Kulshi, Chittagong.


International Islamic University


International Medical Collage & Hospital


Bangladesh Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (BCSIR)


Berger Paints Bangladesh
Chittagong Factory.


Amena DM Plant